What is a Laser

Laser means: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Principally, a laser is an apparatus which generates an extremely concentrated, very narrow beam of light. To achieve the laser effect hundreds of KiloVolts are required. The laser was invented in 1958 in the United States. The first functioning laser was built in 1960.


Lasercutting is an industrial manufacturing technique. In order to cut with a laserbeam, it needs to be focussed to the width of only a fraction of a millimeter. This focussing intensifies the
beam to such an extent that through melting and evaporating the material it is possible to create narrow and extremely precise slits in the material.

This powerful laserbeam is capable of cutting numerous materials, e.g. plastics, glass, wood, leather and textiles. Due to the high consistency of the beam it can be transported over considerable distances, allowing quite a distance between the laser output and the material. The beam needs to be focussed only a few millimeters above the material. Cutting speeds vary depending on material (thickness), laser model and power. Speeds vary between 0,5 and 12 meters per minute.

Lasercutting results in a very fine cut and little loss of material. Heat distribution is therefore minimal. This technique allows very complex and precise outlines and figures.


Laser engraving is particularly suitable for logo or text engravings on (promotional) gifts and high quality remains the same regardless of the number of repetitions.