Welcome at Raindrop.nl

I am Jaap-Jan, passionate about wood and design. A passion I can’t wait to share with the rest of  the world.

I have had an IT and design job for over 25 years. I used to work for one of the largest newspapers in the Netherlands. I created many infographics and designed the newspaper’s website. I developed myself roughly from being an illustrator to becoming the person responsible for the website design and lay out and in my last line of work I shot videos and composed countless videos. After this – largely graphic – carriere I wanted to design things that are more tangible. Items which actually can be felt and touched instead of items that just change the order of digits. Since I was a kid, I have been working with wood, and when I was but eight years old already I enjoyed woodturning. My affinity with beautiful shapes and quality products are evident in the woodworking that I do.

I produce all kinds of furniture: e.g. tables, sidetables and dressers of any size, made from your desired wood species: from acacia to zebrano, from redwood to walnut. Your furniture will be designed, after an intake, entirely according to your specific desire and finish: e.g. coarsely untreated or classic oil finish. Client’s desires in specific finishes can be discussed.

Since I aim for a traditional quality in all my products I prefer to use screwless joints whenever I can, providing a high quality and artisanal product. Of course I also deliver the more mainstream woodturning designs; e.g. table legs, drawer knobs, and banister end pieces.

In the spring of 2013 I purchased a laser cutting and engraving machine. Since then I have been working on numerous products of various materials. The best of which are wood, MDF, Plexiglass, leather and paper. These materials are exceptionally suitable for being cut and being engraved. Have a look at the LASER page in my PORTFOLIO. Interested in presenting your business (business cards, LED advertising, B2B gifts) or person (extraordinary personalized gifts, toys and games) in a refreshingly new way? I am sure there is something to suit your needs.


A unique specialization is the manufacturing of lit displays. These displays are made of plexiglass and are ingeniously lit from the side by a strip of LED lighting. This strip is carefully tucked away in a specially designed aluminium profile.

The displays can be placed on a pedestal, or fitted to suit your vehicle’s side window with suction pads. We have designed the displays in a way that meets the Dutch Traffic Code (wegenverkeerswet).