Raindrop’s LED-lit (car)display; the best way to advertise.

Our laser cut and laser engraved displays are made of the highest quality acrylics for optimal transparency and transmission of light. he extremely bright LED lighting provides unrivaled visibility, even at day time.

Raindrop verlichte autoreclame

Up close or far away, this striking LED-lit display makes you stand out from the crowd.

Raindrop verlichte autoreclame 2Raindrop verlichte autoreclame 3Raindrop verlichte autoreclame 4

The displays are completely assembled and provided with a 12 Volts cigarette lighter

plug plus cable dimmer (including light effects). Because of the special construction the displays are allowed within Dutch regulations. If desired, a 220 wall socket adapter can be supplied, e.g. for usage in shop windows.

For more information, prices and sizes, please contact Raindrop.